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Custom Steel Coil Slitting - Coil Slitting Services | Siegal slitting steels The steel slitting produced at Siegal Steel minimizes shape and edge problems. High carbon tooling and accurate setup means edges do not have excessive beveling. Siegal Steel has gained a reputation as being a market leader in customer service with a track record of successfully managing customers' KANBAM and JIT stocking programs. Steel Slitting | Edge Conditioning | Consolidated Metal slitting steels Consolidated Metal Service, Inc. was founded in 1982 and today is a recognized leader in custom steel slitting, edge conditioning, toll processing, and distribution of all varieties of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, with a special focus on precision narrow slit coil.

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Steel slitting is the process of cutting full-sized coils into smaller widths. This occurs when smaller pieces are required for specific applications. Slit steel coils can be used in a wide variety of essential industries, which includes the production of steel tube and stampings. Steel Slitting - Kenwal Kenwal Steel serves the manufacturing industry with a range of flat-rolled steel slitting capabilities and experienced steel operators, ensuring you receive the highest quality flat-rolled steel coils with the exact measurements you need. Our strategically located network of steel service centers house 7 slitting lines. Steel Slitting - Steel & Coil Slitting Services | Steel Warehouse Custom steel coil slitting services involve a processing technique used to cut coil sheet into narrower widths. There is an old adage which states that the person who throws away the least amount of scrap wins. By being able to take a full-sized coil and slit it down to the minimum width needed to manufacture a part is a winner.

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Most slitting lines can process HSLA, dual-phase, and martensitic steels, as long as their ultimate strength and thickness fall within machine capabilities. As with many hard grades and thick gauges, the coil processor may need to limit the number of cuts per coil, and possibly use two-pass preslit/final slit schedules, to avoid exceeding the slitting steels

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